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My name is Brendan and I have a deeply held belief that purpose-driven for-profit businesses are the best chance for improving the world. So I want to do what I can to help them succeed.

I have 15+ years of hands-on experience combining finance and general management. Plus I tap into countless years of experience of proven experts in a number of specialty areas to ensure the best service and advice.

Our Approach

Sometimes we look at the forest, sometimes we examine the trees.  Both are necessary at regular intervals to ensure your vision for your business becomes reality.

Our approach involves working with you on a regular basis on two elements: (i) financial analysis and optimisation, and (ii) an operating framework to ensure alignment across your business to drive your purpose.

Who We Work With

We work with business owners who are great at what they do but may not be able to do their own deep dives into their financial data or operating processes, as they focus on growth.

We love working with businesses which have a social or environmental purpose at their core. However all businesses must be clear on their purpose, and no matter what yours is, we will help you gain clarity on it and how to drive it.

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